Why choose a specialist dental accountant?

Why choose a specialist dental accountant?

Choosing your accountant is a very important decision. But engaging the services of a general accountant will be bad for your practice. The demands of dentistry require specialised support that a standard accountancy practice simply cannot match.It has never been more important than now to have someone with specialist dental knowledge, experience and understanding of the sector on your side to navigate the complexities of dental business. Which is why you should choose a specialist dental accountant.

What does a specialist dental accountant offer that others can’t match?

A specialist dental accountant, like Geoff Long and the team at Long & Co, have been looking after dentists for more than 25 years. They’re the experts and:

  - Will prepare industry-tailored accounts

 - Understand the ins and outs of dentistry – both NHS and private practice

 - Provide expert services and advice – taking the worry away from you so you can focus on running your practice

 - Will help you with all your issues and, if they can’t, then they will know someone who can

 - Are mindful of NHS clawback – if you’ve missed your UDA target the chances are the NHS will want some of their money back – a specialist dental accountant will keep an eye on your activity statements and make provision for it